Monday, June 18, 2012

Languedoc-Roussillon most popular

According to official figures, Languedoc-Roussillon is the region of France that most people move to, either from elsewhere in France (35%) or abroad (14%) - the two groups combining to make up the 49% of outsiders who were not born within the region. The region has experienced an overall population growth of 14% since 1999.

Curiously most of the new arrivals are young, either students or job seekers (in an area of traditionally high unemployment) with only 20% retired.

Among the results of the influx are a thriving construction sector (mainly new individual houses), the development of high quality health care services, research and tourism.

France has the highest property prices

In a study of more than a dozen European countries, consultants Deloitte confirm that Frances is one of Europe's most expensive countries in which to buy or rent property. In Paris in particular, prices often exceed 8000 euros per square metre, double that in some other European capitals. France's has also witnessed some of the highest property price rises - averaging over 6% - compare with the rest of Europe. However, despite increasingly attractive interest rates at just under 4%, the French are also among the lowest indebted in Europe - about half the British average.

As always, it should be borne in mind that there are enormous variations in property prices across France, where in some areas the average price per square metre is below 2000 euros.

It was former President Sarkozy who observed earlier this year that France is the only country in the world where property prices rise during a crisis!

Source: LeParisien 12 June 2012