Friday, November 6, 2015

The 'uberisation' of property in France?

There are increasing concerns in the newly fashionable 'sharing/caring economy' of the increasing 'uberisation' of homes - taken from the word Uber which is an umbrella organisation providing websites and services such as taxis and car sharing, and best known for its Airbnb network under which owners sublet their homes for periods of a weekend or just a vew days.

Opposition has already come from hoteliers faced with this new competition and the city of Paris suffering the loss of tourist taxes (now collected by Uber users), and more recently with owner/occupiers living permanently in apartment blocks and finding their lives disrupted by the comings and goings of extremely short-term renters.

It is against this background that the estate agency network Orpi and the polling organisation Ipsos have published a survey of trends relating to property occupation and ownership. Among the trends noted are:

- Growing popularity of apartment sharing ('colocation') particularly among the under-35s

- Growing trend of subletting a room in their apartment - either long term, short term or very short term (Airdbnb etc) and using the internet to market their availability

- Decline in popularity of second (holiday) homes, described as 'not a priority' by 88% of those interviewed

- Growing trend towards purchasing the main home ('résidence principale') - 54% of under 35s would like to buy

- A home office is now seen as essential by 62% of under-35s interviewed, taking over from the dressing room.

- Also popular is a large open-plan living area, with a kitchen offering an island unit and facilities for informal meals (breakfast bar).

Source LeFigaro 05/11/2015 06/11/2015