Saturday, August 8, 2009

Holiday season

The comparatively short holiday season is gradually drawing to a close on the French Mediterranean coast, with only a couple more weeks to go. Even the last week in August can be quiet. Holidays are very much tied to school terms, with the new one begining on Tuesday 2 September, and families need to be home in order to get their children ready. There is a huge list of items they need to by, like pens and exercise books, and government grants are offered to help defray the cost.

Now is not a good time to go house hunting, as many propeties are occupied by their owners or let to vacationers, and getting around by road is not easy due to the extra traffic. Estate agencies may be closed or understaffed as negotiators also take time off with their families. French notaires and town hall officials tend to be absent, so transactions may take a little longer. However, everything will be back to normal on 1 September!