Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diagnostic report before selling French property

A question arose recently on one of the French discussion forums whether the 'presence of a few English style electrical sockets alongside some French ones' was likely to cause problems on selling the property - and at the time the diagnostic report had to be prepared.

Two points arise here. The first is not to under-estimate the length and complexity of the latest diagnostic reports, which in the section dealing with the property's electrical installation, can run to several pages, and include a detailed survey of every room, commenting on each single power outlet. The presence of UK-style sockets and attendant wiring will cause serious problems, as there have never been any French norms approving this type of electrical installation. A qualified French electrician has the right in extreme cases to inform EDF who may cut off the supply until the installation is brought up to current norms.

Second, it seems inconceivable that anyone would buy a French property that had UK-style circuits and power outlets or that an owner would subsequently install these after purchase, against all the advice and information readily available on the subject in the French forums.