Monday, October 3, 2011

French Property News, October 2011

In this month's French Property News*, entitled The Business Issue, I have written the introductory article about the various ways you can set up and run a successful business in France. The article covers all the possibilities from the recently created auto-entrepreneur scheme (a simple form of self employment that can be combined with a job or retirement), options for limiting your business liability, and the use of either a French or British limited company as your chosen business vehicle.

I also also highlight which business sectors are in decline and those where you can expect to make a profit, and all you need to know about your business plan, qualifications, finance and how to get started.

The nearly 100-page business section of the magazine looks at a wide range of issues connected with starting a French business, including case studies, suggestions, more expert advice and regional reports.

*French Property News is on sale in newsagents and on subscription. Web