Thursday, October 4, 2012

French Property News, October 2012

In this month's issue I have looked at the option of investing in furnished buy-to-let properties in France. This can be an attractive option, using secure annual rental agreements, compared with letting unfurnished long-term or relying on seasonal holiday rentals (a market that is dying in some areas due to the growing popularity of modern campsites featuring chalets and all facilities).

Short-stay furnished studios and small apartments located in city centres appeal largely to single people who may be mature students or on temporary assignment for their employer. They are prepared to pay higher rentals for attractively furnished properties, and there is less risk for the owner than may be the case with long-term unfurnished rentals, where tenants have rights of security of tenure backed by French law.

I have drawn a number of illustrated examples of before and after property conversions in Paris and Lyon, undertaken by Elise Franck, who has witten a book on the subject and has an interesting website ( which includes actual costings - purchase price, fees, conversion costs, rent charged and rate of return, as a useful guide for anyone thinking of investing in this type of French property.