Monday, February 24, 2014

French Property News, March 2014

In this month's edition out now I have returned to the thorny question of how to ensure that you are paying more or less the right price for your French property. As is so often said, it it is all too easy to 'fall in love with a property' particularly while visiting this beautiful country on a warm summer day, and to forget the basic questions you should ask yourself - and the owner - before deciding to buy.

In addition to the basic questions such as the general state of the property and its installations, I suggest that the would be ppurchase should check the surrounding neighbourhood and try and get a feel for the location and ask themselves Is this really where I want to live? Is there room for expansion? Are the rooms laid out the way I want them? What would happen if I wanted to downsize, sell up, move on? My article also includes a checklist of praticalities from finding out about the local taxes and charges to environmental risks such as flooding, particularly in light of the recent storms in Britain and South-west France which have left many property owners in serious difficulty.

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