Thursday, February 26, 2015

Container based housing in Lyon

A French housing charity 'Habitat & Humanisme' has announced the construction of nine housing units, based on the use of former shipping containers, in the centre of Lyon. Three of them will be 'three room' units (a type 3 apartment) plus six smaller units (type 2). Estimated cost of each finished unit has been put at around €27 000 which will be funded by a public appeal using 'crowd-funding'.The project has been given the name "Le Passerelle" and is aimed at young people below the age of 30 who have particular problems finding somewhere to live at a price they can afford.

The association 'Habitat & Humanisme' is a nationwide French charity, with a number of sponsors including Crédit Agricole and Decathlon, with regional branches all over France. The association office based in Lyon estimate they have over the years created some 1 500 homes, two emergency accommodation centres and three hostels for young workers.

More information on-line, including the address of your nearest branch - volunteer helpers are always needed.