Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Furnished lettings

With the approach of autumn, now is the time to think about and to prepare for letting your property as a short-term furnished rental.

Short-term furnished rentals are designed for a minimum of twelve months (nine months in the case of a student rental) as opposed to three years for non-furnished rentals. You can also ask for a generous deposit against unpaid rent and damages, and a guarantee from parents.

There is an obligation (under the recent loi Alur) to provide a minimum of furnishings - including a bed and bedding; a hot plate for cooking; oven or microwave; chairs and dining table; basic cooking and eating utensils; adequate heating; sufficient and appropriate storage for clothes, books etc; and the tools to keep the rental basically clean.

You can advertise your property through local newspapers, student magazines (and/or get on their housing list), and specialist magazines such as LeBonCoin.

If you are considering letting a larger property you might considered letting it as a 'co-location', where each tenant signs the lease, and seek appropriate guarantees for example from parents.

The student rental market is relatively easy to enter as there is a shortage of university accommodation and those who do not live at home have to rely on the private sector.