Monday, October 12, 2015

Buy-to-let - flat-sharing properties

If you own a sufficiently large French property, this morning's LeFigaro on-line has an interesting article about converting it to share accommodation, or 'co-location' , popular with young people including students.

The article describes an 'ideal type of property' based in the city of Orleans which cost around 500 000 euros to purchase, convert and equip and lists among the essentials, based on nine people sharing:
- a large kitchen/diner with sufficient fridge and storage areas and two hobs, with a total area of not less than 35m²
- a minimum of four bedrooms, each not less than 13m² minimim
- sufficient bath/shower rooms and WCs

In the example shown montly rentals were based on 350 to 420 euros per bedromm.

Source: 12 October 2015