Thursday, January 12, 2017

The 'sharing economy' can mean savings as well as making you feel good

According to research in France by finance group Confidis, average saving of 495 euros per year can be made - over 600 euros if you are in the age 20 group to 34 and use more services.

Over 90% of the population have used at least one service over a period of 12 months - such as travelling in a shared vehicle, selling something on-line or booking an apartment through AirBnB.

Some 87% of of those interviewed said their main motivation was saving money, 76% wanted to earn money and 41% admitted 'they felt good'.

There are now nearly 300 platforms offering shared services on the internet and a report by PriceWaterhouse predicts that the market will triple by 2018.

France is second only to America in the numbers already accessing the 'sharing economy' - l'├ęconomie collaborative. 

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