Thursday, June 25, 2009

French Property News

My article in the June 2009 edition, entitled 'Crisis, what crisis?' takes a fresh look at the economic crisis and how it is affecting France and the French property market.

Those of us in the property business are often accused of 'talking up the market' the moment we stop echoing the gloom and doom economic forecasts of popular newspapers, and my piece is based on published statistics, figures and expert opinions, rather than my personal views. I can talk realistically about my own area, which is a bit special, with a high proportion of second homes and holiday apartments. There are slightly more for sale than a couple of years ago, but prices have not dropped significantly as owners are not desperate to sell - nor are buyers in a hurry to buy, you might argue.

The result is a certain market stagnation, but with wider choice for those still buying. There are a number of major house building projects under way, for owner occupation, as the region is one of the fastest growing in France - don't worry there is plenty of space!

Upcoming articles look at the organic revolution taking place in the region, how to go about buying and selling property, and using an architect even for projects costing less than a hundred thousand euros.