Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tour de France comes to Perpignan

This year's Tour de France starts in Monaco on 4 July and after a couple of days around Marseille reaches Montpellier on 7 July, before making its way along the Mediterranean coast to Cap d'Agde and Perpignan (8) passing through Canet, St Cyprien and Argel├Ęs-sur-mer, before arriving in the centre of Perpignan. Residents and visitors will have plenty of chances to watch the Tour near their home town, or by crossing the border into Spain, and later catching the stages in the Pyrenees.

After Perpignan the riders then travel to Girona, just across the border in Spain for the following day's stage along the Costa Brava to Barcelona (9). The following few days are then spent in the Pyrenees, before the Tour moves to central France, then doubles back for later stages in the Alpes, before ending its three week round trip in Paris.

The riders can look forward to spectacular coastal scenery and lots of sunshine!