Monday, July 6, 2015

Renting to students

Between now and the autumn, some 1.4 students in France will be searching for accommodation at the start of the academic year. Due to the scarcity of student hostels in France, the majority will be lodging in the private sector or living at home with their parents -many students opting to go to the university nearest to them rather than in another part of France, unless their chosen course is highly specilaised. A recent article in LeFigaro* described the student rental market as follows:

Private rented accommodation - 28%
Living at home with parents - 27%
Sharing ('colocation') - 12%
Cité Universitaire - 11% (165 000)
Student residence - 8% (110 000)
Other - 5%
Family owned property - 3%
Linked to job - 1%

The minimum monthly rental in Paris is likely to be 750 euros, slightly less at 500 euros in cities such as Lille, Lyon or Marseilles; and a minimum of 300 euros elsewhere.

If you happen to own a rental apartment that is also close to a holiday resort, you may be able to let it also during the high season (July, August) when students are on holiday. A typical weekly rental would be about the same level as the monthly charge out of season, as a very rough guide.